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Invisible Diaspora

director / documentary

Lockdown in April 2020. We remember the situation when there were hardly any face masks for medical nurses. In the district of Harz (Germany), the Vietnamese community was asked by the municipality for help in sewing medical masks.
The generation of former contract workers in the DDR (German Democratic Republic) is still known for their manual skills and abilities.
Few people don’t know, however, that this generation also has to struggle with existence. Retail stores are suffering more and more from demographic change, associated with increasing online shipping.
“Invisible Diaspora” shows an insight into the pandemic shutdown of Vietnamese clothing store “Halong Mode”.

April 2021

Nachts, beim schwimmen im See

experimental documentary

directed by Antonius Charles Hardin Koschorz and Thai Tai Pham


March 2021

Body, Aesthetics and the Poetic of a Garment – Visual Thinking Systems

Body, Aesthetics and the Poetic of a Garment – Visual Thinking Systems

edit + visual composition + sound design

director: Cem Cako

“BODY, AESTHETICS AND THE POETICS OF A GARMENT” is an experimental documentary that deals with the encounters between students and teachers and negotiates them in the context of visual thinking. Surrealism is the cultural reference point of the images and describes the recurring question of one’s own identity. An identity in search of one’s own aesthetics that introduces an aesthetic language and thus shows the poetics of a piece of clothing.

January 2021

Inside Dreamland

“Inside Dreamland”

video + sound

artist portrait about LIM CHING-YUNG, ANGELA and her relationship to her painting DREAMLAND

in collaboration with the Academy of Visual Arts Hong Kong Baptist

Considering resilience, the ability to bounce back is particularly important. Thus, Angela Lim suggests rubber bands as an appropriate metaphor. Everyone may either intentionally or intuitively stretch, shrink, or flick rubber bands to experience their elasticity. Their bounciness serves as an analogy for the ability to come back; they’re a personal, oblique, yet physical representation of resilience.

exhibition: Academy of Visual Arts Hong Kong

November 2020




is a site-specific video dance shot at the bottom of Pöhl dam in south-saxony, Germany. This structure is

„Crossystem“ is a site-specific video dance shot at the bottom of Pöhl dam in south-saxony, Germany. This structure and architecture of the concrete wall is a brutal human intervention in nature, that aims to tame it in the needs of civilization. The monumental dam holds the lake back from bursting and flooding the valley, while the water constantly presses against it with tremendous force. Is there an inherent conflict between ecology and man-made systems?  Are human beings really able to control nature?

video: Thai Tai Pham

choreography: Naomi-Elisha Wiener

co-directing: Paul Melzer

sound: Abel Korinsky

exhibition: Two Roots – An artistic research


September 2020

Urlaub in Deutschland

“Urlaub in Deutschland” – Vacation in Germany

five-part film series

a production of Theaterhaus Jena and Wunderbaum

Director of photography

Germany 2020. The sun is shining, the vacation is waiting, people are longing for freedoms that they once had and will have again. But this summer is different. Long-distance trips are canceled, travel warnings apply to an extent never seen before. Instead, vacation on balconies, or, if it is to be more decadent, on the North Sea coast – the German, of course. In the 2020 holiday year, even those who are most attached to home will become aware that borders include, narrower horizons. The tourist guide has to offer digital tours, the actress sublet her apartment. It’s time to re-examine the concept of vacation.

In five episodes the Theaterhaus Jena tells of this unique summer near and far. The local acting ensemble allies itself with artists in France, China, Spain, Hungary and the Netherlands in order to at least still dream of vacation. But in the sultry summer air, the reality of the holiday gradually shifts to the shimmering mirror world that has become this year.

July 2020

Forbidden coincidence

“Forbidden coincidence”
short film

At night, when two independent individuals meet in the dark alleys, it seems that coincidence does not want them to really meet. Can people really choose to meet each other?

“Forbidden coincidence” is a short film experiment about space and time.

January 2020


“Rattenloch” – Teaser
short film
a film by Terence Marowsky and Paul Helfrich

Director of photography

Alex returns to his hometown after three years in prison.
However, he does this with mixed feelings because he knows that he is no longer welcome by everyone. His father rejected him and even friends from the past are not thrilled to see him again. Only his little sister Lea and his best friend Tommy are still with him. However, Alex is worried that Lea will also get the wrong people.
More than ever, Alex feels out of place in this city where nothing has changed and where the same small town gangs are still up to mischief. But the past doesn’t let him rest …

Director: Terence Marowsky
Director of Photography: Thai Tai Kokus

January 2020

Eine Hoffnung lernt gehen

“Eine Hoffnung lernt gehen”



CALL! It is still time to act: social inequality, the exploitation of the global south, threats to the ecosphere and the climate, the decomposition of self-confident individuals through the dictation of performance, and the undermining of human dignity call for action. Today as 30 years ago!

A documentary about the theater performance “Eine Hoffnung lernt gehen”, in the course of 30 years peaceful revolution.

October 2019


sound installation

Marianne von Sternburg and Albrecht Bärlauch Brecht are two caretakers of the slaughterhouse next town. Their mission, in the depths of the shaft system to find the leak and fix, it was probably the marten at work again.
Meanwhile, they have been lost for 3 days and can not find their way anymore, the construction plan is finally from 1899. Where is the mistake? Where does the odyssey end?

Festival: 10th Kurztheaterspektakel
Curation: Kulturkombinat Neue Räume

video documentation / stereo sound installation

July 2019

hätte hätte Fahrradkette

Theater: hätte hätte Fahrradkette
Summer spectacle / Kulturarena Jena 2019

live-video / performance

Theaterhaus Jena is now also making television. At the very least, what would have happened in “Bicycle Chain” seems very much like it. But in the theater, the audience is allowed to look behind the scenes of the show, and not everything that glitters is gold there. In order to serve a previously neglected market, Thüringen plans to create a sitcom that will serve both Germany and the entire Arabic-speaking region. »New Germans« meet »old Germans«, misunderstandings and conflicts arise and are exploited for punchlines. Humorous, we look through different perspectives on how the current debates around the topic of migration – embedded in seemingly easy conversation, and supplemented by a lot of music – are negotiated, and suddenly people and their homelands arise out of laughter and stereotypes. Can this still laugh? 
With lyrics by George Tobal in German, Dutch, English and Arabic with German and partly Arabic subtitles 

With: Ahmad Alharfi, Walter Bart, Ramez Basheer, Pina Bergemann, Henrike Commichau, Bassam Dawood, André Hinderlich, Mona Vojacek Koper, Leon Pfannenmüller, Maartje Remmers, Inaam Wali Al-Battat

musicians: Jens Bouttery, Ward Espir, Ahmed Hajjar, Saleh Katbeh 
concept + director: Wunderbaum Co-director: Matijs Jansen 
stage + light: Maarten van Otterdijk 
costumes: Cornelia Stephan 
music: Jens Bouttery, Ward Espir 
dramaturgy: Thorben Meißner 
live video: Thai Tai Pham, Terence Marowsky 
arabic subtitles: Maged Al Din Afaghani 

A coproduction with the Theater Rotterdam. With the kind support of JENOPTIK AG and JenaKultur

July 2019


Kulturschlachthof Jena
animation / music

In collaboration with Ernst Niemand (Illustration), we animated a video for the crowdfunding campaign Kulturschlachthof, which was successfully completed in September 2019.

Animation / Music / Edit

April 2019


Lavajazz (Official Music Video)
music video

In a surrealistic world, hands experience their own life and discover their urge for impulsiveness and expression.
Lavajazz is a piece of video art and music, lead by a trumpet with shortness of breath.

experimental / fluorescent colors / hands / postFX / music

screened at:
cellu l’art film festival 2019
Auerworld festival 2019

August 2018


“Meganoid” (Official Music Video) produced for Annuluk
music video

liquid experiment / ink / postFX

May 2019


photos: Tina Peißker

Novecento – Die Legende vom Ozeanpianisten
by Alessandro Baricco

set design / video installation

We are in the year 1900. On board of the ocean liner Virginian the sailor Danny Boodmann finds a child, still very small – exposed, lying in a lemon box with the inscription T.D. Lemons.
The crew of the ship takes care of the little boy and baptizes him in the name Danny Boodmann T.D. Lemon Novecento. The boy grows up on the ship, into the age of the golden twenties. Year after year the ship travels its way between Europe and America. Passengers come and go. But Novecento stays and never enters land. Instead, he plays piano, traveling in his imagination – to real and impossible places.
Book in the finest evening attire in the saloon of the very first class, when the ocean flushes in the late summer on the shores of Strand22 and travel with Novecento – Welcome aboard the Virginian !!!

actor: Thomas Gerber
director: Eva Grossblotekamp
music: Filip Hiemann
set design / Video: Thai Tai Kokus

a production by collective Ultraviolettkatastrophe
summer theatre at Der Strand 22

September 2018


Cityscape by Ernst Niemand feat. Thai Tai Kokus

animation / music / postFX

Collaboration with Ernst Niemand (illustrations)

November 2017

A Scanner Darkley

A Scanner Darkley – Der Dunkle Schirm
by Philip K. Dick

set design / live-video / visuals

A Scanner Darkley is about people moving in their own reality – “Be happy now, because you will die tomorrow” – and be punished too hard for that. Drug use leads here in no other, better reality, but to their loss. The longing for a different life and the search for the self identity to a confused swirl from doubt and madness. But are they leading to dumbing down in the longer term and leaving us a mental death, much like a super potent drug? #Geldregiert the world, Samson would say of the Sesame Street. After all, every kid knows that. In a performative arrangement of drama, video installations, music and film, a team of musicians, theater and filmmakers has staged the story for Strand 22.

actor: Matthias Zera
director: Eva Grossblotekamp
music: Filip Hiemann
set design / video Installation: Thai Tai Kokus
video: Terence Marowsky
light: Tillmann Lützner
assistant: Charlotte Zerna

a production by collective Ultraviolettkatastrophe
summer theatre at Der Strand 22

June 2017

Kino Dynamique

design: Timm Henger

Kino Dynamique

project management / workshop: cinematography

international Kinokabaret
short film making within 60 hours

a production by Film e.V.

August 2018

Kalypsos Grotte

Kalypsos Grotte

director of photography / short film

Albert is a cultural scholar of the old school. However, when his new research project denies him the recognition of the experts, a deep crisis hits him. His memories now bring an earlier love affair to one of his students back to life. He realizes what price he paid for the realization of his career.

April 2015