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About the Atmosphere

Thai Tai Pham is a Vietnamese born, German based cinematographer, filmmaker and visual artist.

Passionate about minimalism and atmosphere, Thai Tai has been dealing with the arts and crafts of photography, music and film for a decade.

As a lighting cinematographer and filmmaker, Thai Tai Pham is guided by light and atmosphere, ultimately inspired by the simplicity of things. The documentary and dynamic style of his camera work is interacting and improvising at the moment, making him just as much part of the action and less a person behind the camera. Movement, rhythm and the right angle are his most important variables.

“Camera work is choreography, is performance.”

Pham participated in various theater productions as a set designer and video artist. Especially as a member of the artist collective “Ultraviolettkatastrophe”, Pham often designs stages with the background of being functionally flexible on a multimedia level. He is always accompanied by his perception and experience as a cinematographer to create an aesthetic backdrop with space, sound and light.

With a focus on audiovisual concepts, an interplay of space, sound and light. Whether stage design, lighting design or video installation, as a vj, Pham extends the stage through abstract visualizations and always wants to make the stage performance tangible on a further sensual-visual level.